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Native Organelle Drops with Salvia and Ecopropolis Naturonic (RU:

Native Organelle Drops with Salvia and Ecopropolis Naturonic (RU: "Натуроник"®) Master Nose

Naturonic (RU: "Натуроник"®) Master Nose organelle drops with salvia are the natural organic drops from medicinal herbs native oil, biologically active propolis, and salvia sap micelles characterized by comprehensive anti-viral and anti-bacterial action to the viral and bacterial infectious agents attacking the nasal organs, regulating effect when dealing with the concomitant health problems with the nose and respiratory organs mucous membranes functions and condition, and contribute to normalization of the vasomotor reactions to the external irritative and allergic factors. 

Sachel (RU:

Sachel (RU: "Сашель"®) BioBalance Facial Tonic

Sachel (RU: "Сашель"®) BioBalance is an extraordinary natural facial tonic based on the plant extracts and natural components, it produces the highly intensive anti-inflammatory effect beneficial for treatment of acne and inflammations, as well as it produces the rejuvenating and regenerative effect. The components of this tonic are characterized with the enhanced permeability into the deeper skin layers; they promote the skin moisturizing, recovery of the skin elasticity and immunity, recover the skin hormone balance, and prevent the age-related changes.


novelty "Bobrodok" for children from 1 year

"Bobrodok" with fat badger - biogenic native agent based on native ekovytyazhek organelle structures of plant cells, the native juice of the leaves and fruit of the plant, nutrient concentrates natural ingredients aimed at the sources of virus, respiratory, bacterial, fungal infections in violation of the functions and state authorities bronchopulmonary system cough in infants.


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4 october

PANTOSAGAN,натуральный продукт для мужчин, капсулы №10

«PANTOSAGAN» – специально разработанный для мужского организма биогенный натуральный комплекс на основе эковытяжек, сока, биомассы органелло-структур и масел растений, концентратов природных компонентов, направленных на причины эректильной дисфункции у мужчин, симптомы нарушения половых функций

4 october

СНОРЕКС,двухфазный биоспрей-концентрат при храпе 50 мл

Снорекс – нативный мицеллярный биоспрей-концентрат в двухфазном коллоидном растворе на основе биоконцентратов растительных и природных компонентов, мицелл сока и масел лекарственных растений, направленных на устранение храпа и его причин, предупреждение нарушений мозгового и капиллярного кровообращения, функций сердечно-сосудистой системы